Yokohama Yakusen is a Kampo drug store with the theme of "improvement of pre-symptomatic diseases" located 2 minutes on foot from Kannai Station on the JR/Yokohama Municipal Subway.

● Chinese herbal medicine, health, fertility consultation ● Free health check ● Maternity and baby care ● Sales of over-the-counter drugs ● Sales of home medical equipment ● Sales of supplements and health foods, etc.


Feel free to experience health check for free

At Yokohama Yakusen, in addition to health consultations by pharmacists, we have installed health check equipment that can be experienced free of charge as part of improvement and health support for pre-symptomatic diseases. " Medical electronic blood pressure monitor ", " Ultrasonic bone strength measuring device Bone Wave ", " Kanki Bijin ", our original " Pulse oximeter (blood oxygen concentration SpO2 measuring device) ", etc. can be measured by yourself. Please feel free to stop by at lunchtime or between walking.

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Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, Honomi Chinese medicine, Japanese and Chinese medicine, natural medicine, Chinese medicine consultation,
Constipation, menstrual pain, tinnitus, dizziness, warm-up, pregnancy, breastfeeding, irritation, swelling, menopause, insomnia, sensitivity to cold, etc. Please feel free to visit our store.

Hello Baby

スピーカー内蔵のオールインワンデザイン。 ご自宅でご家族と一緒に、お兄ちゃんやお姉ちゃん、 おばあちゃんおじいちゃんも一緒に 胎児の心音をご自宅で聴くことができる商品です。センサーと本体・スピーカーが一体型の次世代モデルです! 腹部にジェルを塗り、ポケットドップラーを当てて、 胎児の心拍数信号を見つけることで心音を聴くことことができます。 放射線レベルは非常に低く胎児や母体にも安心して安全に操作いただけます。 専門的な臨床使用と同等の精度が認められています!

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You can try out the compact "Fetal Ultrasound Cardiograph Pocket Doppler" that allows you to listen to the heartbeat of your baby in your mother's womb at any time in a private room at the store. If you have trouble finding a place to breastfeed, you can use a private room, so please feel free to visit us.

Please feel free to ask the store staff.

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At the drug store Yokohama Yakusen, we carry Chinese herbal medicines, over-the-counter drugs, household medical devices, health foods, etc. so that people of all ages can visit us. We also handle CPAP consumables, health care, maternity, baby care, and beauty care related products. Products are shipped domestically from the online shop. At the store, we also offer free health checks and pregnancy consultations by female pharmacists. Please feel free to come by.

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